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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas we had!  My parents came into town on Wednesday and stayed until Christmas morning.  It was a nice visit, all but a little nuts.  Brooke spent 15 days in Hawaii so I was on double duty at work and it was bananas.  I was thisssssssss close to losing my mind!  I just felt like I couldn't keep up with life.  But...I survived and she's back so let our "normal" routine ensue :)

Charlotte was so much fun this year.  She loved Ruby (elf on the shelf) and looking at Christmas lights.  She kind of understood Santa and loved opening presents.  "For me???"  We are so in love with our girl.  We headed up to Cleveland Christmas morning and spent the day at Nana's house.  We sure miss Papa.

New Years was spent watching that awful Buckeye game and then going to bed before midnight.  It was perfection in my book :)

New Year's Day enjoying the 60 degree weather!

Feeling the beat at lunch :)

Loving her Lion that Santa brought her!

Holidays are rough...

Santa's sleigh with the Smith's girl


Christmas concert at church!

Looking forward to a blessed 2017!

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